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You’ve earned the right to explore new places and meet new people. We’re here to make sure your journey is safe, smooth, and always first class. As the industry leader in chassis-centric innovations, improving the safety culture is core to Spartan RV Chassis. That’s why Newmar has partnered with us to raise the bar on safety on their coaches.

The Newmar Dutch Star is available on a 40’ or 43’ Spartan K2 450 chassis. Designed, engineered, and made in America with the finest components creating a premier foundation for the most discerning RV makers and owners.

Spartan RV makes the only chassis built exclusively for motorhomes. We didn’t take the easy route and modify a truck chassis for our partners at Newmar. We knew they wanted an unmatched ride that was as smooth and quiet as it was invigorating and well-appointed. So, we built them the unique K2 450 chassis from the ground up. The highest-quality materials provide reliability and dependability, along with nationwide service, and the best warranty in the business.

Motorhomes riding on a Spartan RV chassis are built with care to stay on the road for a good long time.

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Premium Features

  • Comfort Drive™ steering assist system with variable driver’s effort control feature
  • Independent front suspension
  • Automatic heated mositure ejectors with color-coded lanyards
  • Side-mounted service center
  • Connected Care™ digital dash display
  • Passive steer tag axle
  • 15,000 lb towing capacity
  • Smart steering wheel with leather finish & phone controls
  • Suspended adjustable pedals
  • K2 450 Chassis


40′ or 43′

Peak HP

450 hp @ 2,100 RPM


40′: 252″ + 48″ tag or 43′: 288″ + 48″ tag

Towing Capacity

15,000 lb



Safety Innovations

Spartan Advanced Protection System – Dutch Star

Spartan Advanced Protection System® is the industry’s first and only comprehensive safety system engineered to keep your Newmar Dutch Star on the road, and safe… to enjoy every adventure.

  • Spartan Safe Haul™ The industry’s only factory-chassis integrated air supply for tow vehicle brake systems.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps the driver maintain control of the coach in extreme steering maneuvers by automatically controlling individual brakes to help keep the coach moving in intended direction.
  • Automatic Traction Control (ATC) helps the driver maintain traction under the drive axle tires in slippery conditions by automatically applying brakes on the wheel end that is slipping. This helps transfer power to the wheel end with more traction.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) displays tire pressure and temperature for individual tires. The system will alert the driver if any tire pressure or temperature exceeds set thresholds. The system is expandable to monitor towed vehicles as well.
  • Available – OnGuardACTIVE, Collision Mitigation with Adaptive Cruise Control alerts the driver of potentially dangerous driving scenarios and adjusts speed to maintain a safe following distance.


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