Welcome to Spartan RV Chassis, where for nearly 40 years, we’ve been redefining the motorhome journey. Our ethos, “Never Settle,” reflects our commitment to top-tier quality, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer service. We meticulously craft RV chassis that set industry benchmarks, balancing expert engineering with luxury to infuse each journey with sophistication and indulgence.

Our chassis, proudly American-made, embody our dedication to quality, resulting in a robust, reliable, and refined motorhome experience. We blend outstanding craftsmanship, technological innovation, and decades of manufacturing expertise, ensuring every detail delivers an exceptional driving experience. Engineered with an advanced frame rail and cross member system, our chassis provides enhanced stability and enduring durability.

Every Spartan RV Chassis is designed with you in mind. Our proprietary Premier Drive™ system delivers outstanding handling, ride comfort, and maneuverability for a smooth journey across any terrain. We pride ourselves on providing first-rate service and support, ensuring the longevity and safety of your coach.

Elevate your motorhome experience with Spartan RV Chassis. Experience unrivaled quality, durability, and performance on your next adventure.

Welcome to Spartan RV Chassis, where we’ve redefined the journey for nearly 40 years. We’re excited for the road ahead as part of The Shyft Group.