Every Adventure Rides on a Spartan RV Chassis.

At Spartan RV Chassis, we believe the road to better adventures starts with knowing your coach is riding on the industry’s premier Class A motorhome foundation — a Spartan RV Chassis. Spartan Class A RV chassis are engineered to deliver a superior ride and better handling, which gives owners a smoother more comfortable ride, and better chassis durability over a longer coach lifetime.

Spartan RV chassis are engineered and built with best-in-class components.  We innovate to suspend, equip, weight, and power our chassis to accommodate high-quality luxury houses and intricate floor plans. And before we ever start building, we engineer with efficient serviceability in mind, because adventures should never be put on hold. Want the best Class A chassis on the market? This is it.

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We value you

We’re committed to helping you keep your RV chassis properly serviced and maintained, because your adventures should never be put on hold. We’ve assembled a network of after-the-sale service and support resources to ensure that you always receive immediate answers and educated help.

Spartan RV Chassis Owner Academy

A Class A motorhome is a big investment. Make sure you’re well informed about our comprehensive training program that gives you the ins-and-outs of coach driving, maintenance, and service needs.